10 out of 3 Dota 2 players suffer from "not having a coach!"

We provide Dota 2 Coaching on all levels to help you improve your game.

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Hi I'm Eli, also known as F3[4]RLESS. I love the Dota 2 community and keep it real when it comes to whats going on. Reading is a great thing. So you might as well read content about Dota 2!

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Our Dota 2 Coaches are seasoned, experienced, veterans in the community. They give back by providing quality tutoring that fit both your schedule and your budget.

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The Dota 2 Academy Cup will be a Monthly Open tournament with Prizes.

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  Let get a few things straight before we jump on the “omg quick pick techies” cart.  This hero has always been the joke end of the bunch when it comes to impact on the game in a play sense, but when it comes to getting a laugh from both teams, this hero is the […]

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